Why have your computer customer built? Is it to save money? Maybe you are thinking that this is just for nerds who want some dream machine that can be over clocked to faster than the speed of light.

These are only a few of many misconceptions about custom computers:

1. Myth - Custom computers cost less.
    Fact - They actually cost more. Say you buy that brand name computer for $500 (which includes the monitor, the operating system and free shipping). What you actually have is a computer built from parts that were mass-produced to lower cost and chosen based on the philosophy of just enough computer to make the sale. You are getting what they want to sell you rather than what you want to buy.

2. Myth - Custom computers are not for everyone.
    Fact - When you stop and think about it, everyone's needs and wants are different. We don't come out of an assembly line looking, thinking, feeling and acting like everyone else. So why should we buy into the idea that a mass-produced computer (that is perfectly identical to all the others in the lot) should work as well for everyone who buys it. That is the reason why it is important to ask these questions before buying a computer: "What software do you want to run?" or "What do you intend to use the computer for?" The answer to these questions will dictate the hardware (or computer) you need. If you ignore this basic principle you will fall right into the mass marketing hysteria similar to impulse buys in the grocery store checkout aisle. You may not be ready to answer the question about whether or not something is a good deal until you first determine what it is you are looking for.

3. Myth - Custom computers means having to make too many complicated decisions.
    Fact - When we interview you to determine your needs we will do so in plain English with as little technical jargon as necessary. Once we know what you intend to use the computer for we can then make those technical decisions for you (unless you have a preference). The result is that you will have a system that works the way you do, is powerful enough to accomplish the task and be waiting for you instead of making you wait for it. Custom built computers are more reliable and have longer useful lives than pre-built machines in the market.

4. Myth - Custom computers mean you have infinite choices.
    Fact - While that is true at some level, the selection of components and whether they are compatible with each other dictates the selection of other components. The best example of this involves the brain of the computer, the microprocessor. If you select Intel, then certain other components have to be selected for their compatibility with the Intel processor. AMD is considered to rival Intel in many areas and there are pros and cons on both sides. Forgetting for the moment the question as to which one is best for you, let's just pick one for argument's sake. Your choice of microprocessor (Intel, AMD or any other processor) dictates which motherboard you choose. The motherboard then determines the type of memory and so on. So customizing actually limits some choices instead of increasing them.

Bottom line is that when you go computer shopping there are factors to consider other than price.

Let us help you build the right computer FOR YOU at a price you can afford.

We are out to sell you the best system you can own, because it is exactly what you want.

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